Kundalini Energy Work, Life Coaching, Yoga & Meditation
Kundalini Energy Work, Life Coaching, Yoga & Meditation

Kundalini Activation

Joanne Smallwood doing Kundalini Activation

Kundalini Activation or Energy Activation is a tool for spiritual maturing and advancing the process of self-development. It has the power to evoke, amplify and support the integration of your own powerful life force energy – initiating growth that with continued sessions over time will expand and advance. 
In this altered state of consciousness, sustained by our embodied connection and the fluidity of our life force emanating through all of our nadis – our true self is given recognition. 

Through awakening this life force within – we begin our returning, to the source, to the somatic knowing of our instinctual embodiment and all its capabilities and potentiality. 

The energy knows and I am guided to create a vortex of intensified life force energy. With your willingness to surrender and let go, your energetic system will respond to its frequency. I am guided by intuition. Sometimes I’m drawn to touching different meridian points or chakra centres on the body. Other times my hands move intensely. Sometimes I clap my hands or make different noises. This is all the keep the frequency high.

Once the energy is activated you will receive exactly what you need. It’s a very natural and safe process. Everyone receives what they are ready for. Naturally adjusting & tuning back into alignment. Back to centre.

Joanne Smallwood doing Kundalini Activation on client

What to Expect

(Please come with no expectations.)

Some people will experience very little. Everyone has life force energy moving through them but it is important to remember that this energy will meet people where they are at. Everyone is different and it is impossible to predict. A small percentage of people may feel very little in a session. It can take some time to build the energy and get comfortable with the experience.

Spontaneous body movements are common. This includes muscle contraction, shaking, mudras (hand gestures), yoga postures and arms and dancing.

Strong emotional expression & release can occur during the session. This includes laughter, crying, singing, light language, screaming, yawning, coughing, humming, burping are all common.

Third Eye Opening resulting in experiencing very clear visions, colours, receiving answers to a question we didn’t know the answer to, messages from your higher self / universe. Finding a deeper connection to intuition and knowing.

Energetic physical sensations can include an internal experience of intense heat or coldness. Pins and needles. Numbness.

People can experience bliss states and a profound sense of oneness, connection, intense gratitude, pure joy or an out of body experience.

Please know that the energy is still working for you regardless of what happens. You may need a few sessions for the energy to activate to a higher degree. However, there can be a few reasons why people are not experiencing the same amount of energy as others.

Benefits include

Clearing and unblocking energetic pathways, purifying your system from emotional energy blockages, release trauma and stagnant energy, connecting and aligning your energy centres, raising your vibration, shifting your perception, activating your kundalini and helping you to access higher states of awareness. You may leave the session feeling energized, experiencing more harmony within yourself and with a remembrance of your true self and purpose.

Joanne Smallwood doing Kundalini Activation

What happens during a session?

During the session you will lie down and surrender to the moment while listening to music. Sessions can be 1:1 or in groups.

Each session is 75-90 minutes. It is best to have an empty stomach. Wear comfortable warm clothes. You will be lying down for the entire session. Light colours are best but not neccessary.

I will explain the what will happen during the Activation. We will spend 1 hour with the Energy and then there is time for questions and sharing.

Location is in Business Bay, Dubai and will be shared once booking is confirmed.

It is the path of surrender, the path of letting go. Are you ready to let go?

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Joanne Smallwood doing Kundalini Activation on client

What people are saying…

Hello Joanne. The session earlier was really excellent. I felt like I released a lot of physical and mental tension. I was not expecting all of that 🙂
I also found myself assertively pushing back on a limiting belief that I hold, in a very liberating way.
Was also nice to hear a song by Elsiane. I had that album on repeat for a year back in the day. So very happy and would like to come to the next one. Thanks a lot!

Kareem – Dubai

Good morning Joanne I. just wanted to say that I had another great experience at your energy healing session, thank you. Whatever you did on my head… I slept the best I have in weeks and woke up feeling still and more grounded – way less chatter in my head. Look forward to the next one!

Emma – Dubai
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