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The Best Barefoot Shoes For My Yogi Toes

I’m a freak about feet. Not in a fetish kind of way but in an everyone needs proper foot function to live their best lives kind of way. When I first started doing yoga, one of my teachers pulled me aside and told me that my arches were ‘fallen. Not flat but just fallen. Needless to say, I was devastated even thought I didn’t know what it meant. I immediately dove into endless hours of research.

At the time I was practicing with Diane Bruni, she was always banging on about the feet. She did all of her standing poses with her big toe and baby toe firmly planted and the middle three toes lifted. I tried to replicate her foot wisdom to no avail. I simply could not operate my toes independent of each other. This was the beginning of my journey to creating a more intelligent foot.

I started by trying to flex my big toe and then my baby toe. I would do this in the evenings during television commercials. (This was around the early 2000’s before I gave up my television habit.) Slowly I noticed that I could control the big toe by pressing down and away from the base of the toe up and into the arch. The muscles on the arch of the foot were getting stronger and I could get a better over all toe spread. Next came the baby toe. As my toe spread got better I gained control over the muscles on the outer edge of the foot. I got to the point where I could operate the big toe and baby toe independently of the other toes. My foot arch gained strength and lifted. I found I had a lot less planter fascia pain as well. I think the whole process took a year or maybe two. It was slow but well worth it.

It was around the same time I transitioned to Birkenstocks. They gave me ample room for my new toe spread. When I moved to India in 2005 my feet were healthy and strong. My arches were lifted and I could move my toes to music. My feet were happy. I love my Birks and they are my primary shoe choice but every now and then I need to put on closed toe shoes. I find normal shoes really cramp my toes and leave me with an ache on the soles of my feet.

I was on the lookout for barefoot shoes that were not hideous and seriously comfortable. I came across Origo. Cute, I thought. Simple and clean design. I ordered a pair without hesitation since they just started shipping to Canada, I was in luck.

I have been wearing them for about a month now and I love these shoes, in fact there is soooo much to love about them. Number one, I love the way they look. Super cute, sometimes I worry about ordering online that they will look different in person but I was not disappointed. They are also very comfortable. I can really feel the ground under my feet. I don’t have any issues with balance but I lke to step off the yoga mat when I do my balance poses to allow my feet to feel the ground. With these shoes I can really appreciate feeling the ground and being able to respond with my whole foot to what’s beneath me.

Not only do I love the shoe, I love the company too, they are committed to the planet. The shoes are made from natural materials that are locally sourced to reduce the need for long haul transport. They use vegan organic cactus leather which is biodegradable. They also produce a leather shoe as well but I choose the cotton canvas which is also biodegradable and very durable. They feel like they will last forever. To offset use of petroleum based polymers, the shoes are 100% recyclable are partially made from a corn starch bipolymer, allowing the soles to emit less CO2 during their production and during their life, as well as reducing the number of years needed to naturally biodegrade.

To top it off, they also plant a tree in the Amazon for every pair of shoes sold! Shoes are shipped in smart packaging solutions and materials, to be easier on our planet— from garden-compostable wrappers to shoebox-less kraft shippers.

Are you sold yet?

I am very excited to support this brand. They have captured my heart with their attention to detail and commitment to sustainability.

Get yours using this link https://www.origoshoes.com/discount/JOANNE

They ship within USA & Canada and soon to Europe!

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