Yoga Class Schedule

Joanne Smawood

Please try to arrive a few minutes before the class starts to get yourself settled.  If you have any injuries or medical conditions that I should be aware of please let me know before we begin.  If you are a beginner, start at Level 1 and then join Level 2 once you feel comfortable.  If it is your first class you may find this article  Survive Your First Yoga Class useful.

If you have any questions you can connect with me me through the contact page.  I am also available for private and small group lessons.

This is my current class schedule, subject to change.


2018 – Dubai, UAE

DayTimeClassLevelLocationContact Website
Sunday19:00Candlelight FlowLevel 1/2Zoga
Sunday20:30Restorative YogaOpenZoga
Tuesday17:45Prenatal YogaOpenZoga
Tuesday 19:00Vinyasa FlowLevel 1/2Zoga
Tuesday20:30Vinyasa FlowLevel 1Zoga
Wednesday10:00Vinyasa FlowLevel 1Zoga  
Wednesday11:30Restorative YogaOpenZoga  
Thursday10:00Vinyasa FlowLevel 1/2Zoga  
Thursday11:30Prenatal YogaOpenZoga  
Friday10:15Vinyasa FlowLevel 2/3Zoga  
Friday11:45Vinyasa FlowLevel 1/2Zoga  
Friday17:00Vinyasa FlowLevel 1Zoga  
Friday18:15Restorative YogaLevel 1Zoga  
Saturday9:30Vinyasa FlowLevel 2/3Zoga  
Saturday12:30Vinyasa FlowLevel 1Zoga  



Joanne Smallwood in Urdhva Dhanurasana