Restorative Yoga Training

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Today, the need for restorative yoga couldn’t be greater. As a teacher and/or practitioner, integrating restorative postures into your yoga classes and personal practice feels more like a necessity than a luxury. Like all styles of yoga, there is a science and art behind teaching and practicing restorative postures. Studies show that restorative yoga decreases stress and improves a myriad of conditions including symptoms related to perimenopause, fatigue, high blood pressure, infertility and depression. The art to restorative yoga is propping the postures carefully, creating a peaceful environment, and allowing sufficient time and space to move slowly and deeply into blissful relaxation. As a teacher or practitioner, you will benefit from this restorative intensive, where you will learn dozens of restorative postures, the therapeutic benefits of each posture, the art of sequencing a full restorative practice, as well as several short-and-sweet sequences – 20 minutes or less – to boost energy and address specific areas in the body.

Restorative Yoga Teacher Training


  • For yoga teachers who have a completed a 200 hour training or equivalent.


Joanne Smallwood

Restorative Yoga Teacher Training

Joanne has been a devoted yoga practitioner since her early twenties and has taught internationally for over 15 years. After completing her Teacher Training in 2005 at The Downward Dog Yoga Centre in Toronto, she traded the infamous Canadian winters for warmer shores of India, where she spent 12 years practicing, learning and teaching.

Joanne loves to explore all aspects of the yoga spectrum. She has a deep appreciation for the quieter yoga systems that guide the body into states of profound rest. She has a passion Restorative Yoga and Yoga Nidra, and offers weekly classes. She is also available for individual sessions for a more personalized approach. Joanne also leads yoga retreats each year that includes these powerful practices.

Her Vinyasa Classes are dynamic, fluid, energizing and self-motivating. Filled with technique, alignment and a systematic approach to building strength, mobility and balance.

Restorative Yoga Teacher Training

Dates and Locations:

  • 2020 Dates TBC.  This course will take place at the beautiful Zoga yoga center in Dubai, UAE.  For full details and more information:
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